Windows Virtual Desktop IT Support for Dublin

Empower your Employees and Future-Proof Your Workplace

Our trained team of experts have the know-how to keep your systems running perfectly. Virtual desktop support is a remote support service that solves your IT problems in the blink of an eye.

From educational institutes to multinational corporate organisations, technological advancements has caused swift adaptation to new tools. These tools help us do our jobs better. They facilitate digital transformation and also empower organisations by future proofing their workspaces for sustained productivity.

Digital workspaces that allow organisations to meet the burgeoning need for flexibility have become ideal tools for increasing productivity, cutting down costs, and improving the overall IT infrastructure. Under increasing reliance on digital technologies, remote work has become a mainstay. 

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT Support can help you increase productivity and safeguard your organisation for the future, by setting up secure virtual workplaces.  Our Windows virtual desktop IT support team are well versed in cloud technologies. 

Besides our proficiency in cloud technologies, our team understands the technical and adaptive challenges when organisations  change their IT infrastructures. We can help you overcome these issues and set you up with effective cloud-based Windows virtual desktop support.


Regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey, our Windows Virtual Desktop solutions secure productivity and flexibility across business functions. We increase employee performance and productivity, boosting overall business functionality efficiency.


In addition to providing comprehensive solutions, we simplify your remote desktop environment’s management and scalability by integrating security and compliance features.  This will also enable your organisation to save costs and maximise employee performance by listening to their need for increased flexibility.


Using Microsoft Azure, your organisation can deploy remote teams with access to virtual desktops that provide the same experience as their desktop or laptop counterparts. With growing expertise in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Motherboard IT Support deploys Windows Virtual Desktops.

Why Choose us For  Windows Virtual Desktop IT Support?

We are the kind of team that you want on your side! Motherboard IT Support is proud to give you some of the best virtual desktop support Dublin has to offer. Our IT solutions empower your teams to continue performing at their maximum regardless of where the teams are located and the devices they’re using.

Here’s why to get with Motherboard.

Increased collaboration and communication across the organisation, allowing teams to work together without compromising productivity.

Secure accessibility of data from anywhere with full control over critical information.

We scale and establish better control over your IT infrastructure despite working remotely.

We can virtualise legacy and exiting Windows applications such as Microsoft 365.

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