Are you a business owner who relies on their server for data backup? You should know that this measure is not enough. You’ll have no options to fall back on if there’s a problem with the server hosting your business’s data.

The truth is that every business using computers faces a constant threat from data loss. You may lose vital information in many different ways, from office fires to burglary, natural disasters, ransomware, hacking and simple human error. Even worse, in the event of data loss, your business could potentially come to a halt and suffer from downtime. This could lead to a chain reaction of lost revenue, penalties, customer dissatisfaction, and damage to an organisation’s reputation.

Why You Should Backup Data Offsite

In contrast to the traditional methods, online backup systems eliminate the risks, as mentioned earlier, by providing an affordable solution with the added advantage of offsite data storage. Not to mention the peace of mind you get from your data being stored and monitored 24/7.

Here are the top reasons for backing up your organisation’s data offsite!

Disaster Recovery

An integrated data backup plan that includes offsite storage dramatically decreases the amount of downtime your business has to suffer in case of an unexpected event. Whether it is just an event of data loss or a full-scale disaster, an offsite backup solution offers total data protection.

Centralised Overview

Cloud backups allow you to have a centralised overview of your backup’s current state across all data sources. Centralised monitoring makes it easier for organisations to track backup status, schedule backups, and perform troubleshooting whenever necessary.


Offsite backup solutions offer reliability through the automation of the backup process. On a set schedule, all user files are backed up automatically to remote servers. Data backup solutions offsite for small businesses also increase reliability by backing up data on multiple servers. As a result, users can access their data at any time regardless of any technical issue.

Easy Setup

Another great benefit of offsite backups is their easy setup. Most businesses get offsite backup solutions from IT companies. All the company has to do is specify the folder and the frequency of backup schedules. The rest is taken care of by the staff of a backup cloud service provider. They maintain and manage backup on the back end, so data loss and downtime is one less worry for your business. All the data is encrypted to 256k AES (military grade) encryption and is only viewable by the client.

Now that you know why offsite backup is so crucial for your business, all there’s left to do is find a reliable backup service provider. Let us guide you with data backup solutions from Motherboard IT Support.