VOIP & Telecom Solutions

Making IP Telephony and Innovative Communication Channels an Achievable Reality for Businesses

It’s been over 150 years since Samuel Morse’s telegraph system was made commonplace. Thankfully, telecom solutions have become a little bit more sophisticated since those humble beginnings.

We’ve seen massive innovation and development of both wired and wireless technology. The devices we use, and the way we connect, have drastically changed the face of modern telecommunications. VoIP  or voice over Internet Protocol is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over an internet connection

At Motherboard IT Support Dublin , we consider ourselves highly qualified technicians and industry experts that have kept up with technology benchmarks over the years. Understanding VOIP allows us to evaluate both existing and potential client communication  needs, further facilitating our goal of providing  world class VoIP telecom solutions.

With our superior industry expertise and access to the latest technology , we can help your business set up an effective telephone system. Consisting of VoIP and traditional telephony elements, our solutions enhance your overall communication strategy.

Our VoIP & Telecom solutions are customised to your specified needs. We deploy them in a manner that boosts productivity, while improving customer satisfaction  and simplifying daily business operations.

Effective Communication Channels

When you work with Motherboard IT Support, your goals become ours. We understand that excellent VoIP telecom solutions are a critical element of your organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Fully Scalable

VoIP  Telecom solutions are flexible and fully scalable, making your communication systems much easier to use for both internal and external uses. There are other viability and cost-effective benefits of using VoIP solutions through Motherboard IT Support.

More Space

VOIP continues to be an astounding development within the telecommunications industry. Wireless technology removes the need for endless phone cables taking up space across your business


Wireless technology surpasses its physical predecessor. Dial-up connections were used when the technology was just beginning, broadband effectively facilitates superior voice quality along with better connectivity.

Why Choose us for VOIP Telecom Solutions?

Quite simply, we want to bring you the best VOIP  telecom solutions  Dublin has to offer. Our solutions  are very cost-effective  and will bring your communication systems into the modern day. 

With us, you can forget  expensive phone bills and productivity issues caused by an ineffective telecom system – we won’t phone it in!

Here’s why you can count on Motherboard.

Cutting-edge VoIP features including call routing, call forwarding, video conferencing, etc. along with presence indicators and more.

Full management of your communication systems, scaled and adapted as your organisation’s needs evolve.

Increased accessibility of your communication channels over the internet, including mobile accessibility.

Motherboard IT Support will also provide uncompromised 24/7 post-service support.

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