The Team

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it!

First and foremost, we are a team of highly trained professionals with a passion for providing IT support! We offer managed IT services that will help your business reach the next level.

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT Support has been providing industry-leading tech support for over 24 years. Our qualified technicians deliver a wide range of high-quality IT solutions, remote IT support, and we boast a first class cyber security team.

Whether your business requires new software, needs disaster recovery, or wants to build an IT infrastructure from the ground up – you can count on Motherboard. Our remote and on-site IT management can become the backbone of your business’s success.

Our team’s technical ability will keep your employees productive and your systems  efficient. Working with our managed IT services teams helps your business to take advantage of emerging technologies at a lower cost than possible internally.

We aim to keep our clients happy and forge strong relationships with the people we do business with. Good business is about the people.We have the right people , so working with us is good business.

Start a Conversation

To have a reliable IT infrastructure, you need to have a solid and precise understanding of your business. With complex business operations, a comprehensive IT system might not always be possible to achieve by an in-house team, our remote IT support team can accommodate you.


Before anything, we will learn about your technology goals, challenges, problems, and everything that truly defines your tech-driven business landscape. With a thorough understanding of your business, we will work with you to put together and recommend a plan that comprises the ideal IT solutions for your business growth. That’s what a good managed IT services provider does.

Proactive and Consistent Support

There is more to our service than building up your business IT infrastructure so that it is compatible with emerging technology trends. We will provide consistent support to keep your business productive and secure against any threats. Our cyber security team works round the clock to keep your business safe.

Remote IT Support and On-Site IT Management

Our experts and technicians are consistently trained to stay proficient in the latest technologies so that you can rest assured that your IT management is in the best hands. With our remote and on-site IT management, you can free up resources to put them toward business growth while we will handle all your IT requirements.

Why Choose Motherboard IT to be Part of Your Team?

Each one of our team members is focused on making Motherboard IT support the most customer-focused IT support company in Ireland, creating an opportunity for our clients to leverage our passion for technology for powering their business.

So why not start a conversation with our experts to identify your personalised IT needs and help us create a state-of-the-art infrastructure for your business?

Here’s what to expect with Motherboard.

Remote and onsite IT support, we’re part of your team even when we’re not physically there.

A cyber security team that will keep your data/customers safe and secure while complying with national regulations.

24/7 IT support, we constantly monitor your systems to prevent downtime and profit losses.  Most importantly – we have a passionate, professional team, one of the best in Ireland.

"As a practice, formed in 2008, Motherboard first assisted us in getting off the ground and putting the necessary systems in place. We now have a trouble-free streamlined IT backbone with an essential support system in place. We are more than happy to recommend Motherboard to any scale of business."

Ian Hurley – Architect, Dermot Bannon Architects

"Motherboard has been a partner of Garland Consultancy since their inception in 1997. We find the service from Motherboard unparalleled in any of our provincial offices, and their expertise has educated our local providers. Their level of service is particularly welcome, as is their dedication to getting to the bottom of any problem. We strongly recommend Motherboard to any organisation."

Brian Kavanagh – Director, Garland Consultancy

"We’ve had a twenty two year relationship with Motherboard, and a further ten years with Ivan (MD of Motherboard) before that. We’ve grown to three sites and over a hundred users and still haven’t encountered a problem that wasn’t fixed promptly and satisfactorily."

Donal Saunders – Partner, The O’Toole Partnership Architects

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