SafEnd Data Protection Solutions

Securing Your IT Infrastructure’s Endpoints with Vigilant Data Protection Solutions

A strong data protection set up has become vital for businesses large and small. We want to take the hassle out of your hands, so you can trust that your data is safe.

Data is the lifeblood of every modern-day organisation, from digital marketing services to microlearning solutions designed for accountants. Where there are people and businesses, you’ll find lots of data. So, you’ll need data protection.

Regardless of your IT setups’ complexity –  personally identifiable information, internal records, and other sensitive information is a part of your business’s day to day.The valuable nature of this data makes potential breaches, disclosure or loss of high importance.

At Motherboard IT support Dublin, we put in place comprehensive cybersecurity systems that include the safend data protection suite or DPS. The technologies within our DPS solutions equip your IT systems with the tools necessary for preventing data leaks and theft before transmission.

DPS does this through a single software system, eliminating the need for multiple, heavy security measures that eat into your systems’ productivity.

DPS Capabilities

Granular content and port/device inspection and control, along with comprehensive data encryption for removable media and hard disks. Protect data that’s in use, at rest, or in motion.

Better Wifi Control

Our systems integrate with third-party antivirus scanners, so you’re completely protected from potential cybersecurity threats and data leaks via endpoints.

Hardware & Physical Protection

Blocking hardware keyloggers. We establish better control across ports, hard disks and data storage. We unsafe data transfer through removable media.

DPS Features

The following six elements are what drive the effectiveness of the Safend Data Protection Suite: protector, encryptor, inspector, reporter, auditor and discoverer. Each plays a pivotal part in keeping your data secure.

Why Choose us for Safend Data Protection Solutions?

Regardless of  your industry and IT infrastructure needs, our support team will allow you to experience the benefits of the Safend Data Protection Suite with additional support. We want to give you the best data protection Dublin has to offer. Motherboard IT knows the importance of strong  data protection procedures. 

Here’s what we provide.

We offer the latest safend data protection solutions, up to date software and hardware.

We take a thorough look at your current IT infrastructure to assess potential weak points for data breaches.

Our team of professionals are fully trained in all aspects of modern data protection, we've seen every problem imaginable.

Full onsite and offsite support, we cater to the needs of each individual business, their budget and potential for growth.

Are you ready to secure all your endpoints with thorough controls?

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