Please download the Motherboard Remote Support app and select Run when prompted.

When talking to an engineer you will be asked to provide the ”asset tag” or the ”product ID” of the product.

This is like an Identity Card for your pc and you will find it on the product (example: Product ID 15061).

Every time you are buying a pc, print, monitor etc. we will provide it with an asset tag.

Don’t forget our support email is or

call us on+353 (1) 4975562

Why Choose us For Patch Panel Installation and Recabling?

A good cabling network is something most businesses take for granted. Don’t make the mistake of risking hours of downtime, as well as profit losses and in some cases, customer losses.

Motherboard IT Support can give your business the best comms room patch panel installation Dublin has to offer.

Here’s why you should work with us.

Fully compliant with CAT6, the industry standard, backwards compatible with older cable types.

Our team of cabling experts give a full assessment of your current network setup.

Highlight what cabling solutions will work best for you and how they can be integrated seamlessly.

Round the clock IT support from our team , we aim to solve your problems fast.

Contact Motherboard IT Support Dublin for all your requirements