Network Infrastructure Services

Optimise Your Network Infrastructure For Success

It might not be the most glamorous or interesting part of your business’s operations, but having a proper network infrastructure can really make a difference to your performance.

Technological innovations within the last decade have been monumental in changing outdated systems and components of traditionally layered IT infrastructures. This rapid evolution means many businesses lack the skills to manage their IT infrastructure for optimal performance. We’re here to help.

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT Support is well-versed in every aspect of IT ecosystems.  We provide network infrastructure services that ensure reliability, resilient safety and flexibility across software, hardware and other network applications.

Your company’s bottom line, productivity and cost-effectiveness are all at risk if your IT ecosystem isn’t managed correctly. 

Whether you’re focused on improving your end-user experience, integrating cloud technology, optimising branch network connectivity or upgrading legacy systems – we can help set up a strong network foundation.


Our Network Infrastructure services allow us to build, develop, and implement software and hardware solutions that meet your existing requirements. We can also further future-proof your systems for performance and sustained growth.

Compliance & Growth

Securing long-term compliance and IT performance is our ultimate goal in helping businesses continue pursuing their growth goals. Leveraging extensive experience and a wide range of technology resources, we provide customised services that meet your IT requirements.

Hardware and Software Network Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructures demand optimised integration of both software and hardware components. On-site and cloud servers, software and application support, firewall configuration, network design implantation through Wireless Access Point setup, network cabling and router configuration are only some of our network infrastructure services.


Taking a holistic approach to your IT infrastructure, we support virtual, physical, and cloud network systems. Motherboard IT Support boasts the expertise required to meet complex requirements, from office to arena.

Why Choose Us For Network Infrastructure Services

You can trust you’re in safe hands with Motherboard. With us, you can free up in-house resources to focus on other core business functions with a secure, scalable, and flexible IT ecosystem. We want to provide you with the best network infrastructure services Dublin has to offer. 

Here’s why we’re the number one choice.

Years and years of experience with network infrastructures big and small.

Expert technicians specialised in supporting and increasing your business’s workflow.

Full compliance with all regulations relating to network security, keeping your data and network safe.

A team or seasoned professionals to help with installation , upkeep and any query you may have.

Motherboard IT Support will deliver cost-effective solutions.

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