Network Cabling Services & Installation

Your Business Relies on IT and IT on Network Cabling!

Network cabling installation is not always at the forefront of every business owner’s mind! But, a well thought out cabling system can save you money and time while preparing your business for future changes in tech – let’s take a look.

Your network is your business’s backbone, as we all know, any failures can disrupt your productivity and growth. How many times have you experienced a dreaded ‘network down’ situation, where your business screeches to a halt? Too many.

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT Support understands how the damage from network downtime can affect your business in a big way. It’s for this reason we take a strong focus on providing network cabling services and network cabling installation that make system outages a thing of the past. 

Our Network Cabling Service is a comprehensive package providing solutions for network equipment issues, system failures, and network updates to ensure your business IT network is firing on all cylinders. Our service includes CAT6(industry standard cable) structured cabling and power installation, repairs, and upgrades. 

While upgrading your existing network or even getting a new one might seem daunting enough to overlook, it is what is going to keep your business IT systems running and help you save money over the long term. Let Motherboard IT Support provide you with a customized network solution to enhance performance, security, and productivity.

Updating Your Network

Outdated infrastructure is usually an underlying cause of all kinds of problems from lost productivity to security setbacks. Therefore, structured cabling for your IT infrastructure is incredibly significant for your business, primarily if it relies mainly on technology for increased efficiency.


With regularly scheduled maintenance, we will ensure the longevity of your networks. And not just that; we will also manage and enhance your critical systems’ complete hardware life cycle to ensure you can get the most out of your IT investment.

Precise Set-up

Regardless of the size of your business, all networks require consistent attention and management to function smoothly. Our network cabling service offers set-up of structured cabling for your IT infrastructure. It includes consistent monitoring to ensure that your technology is updated and maintained as you pursue your business goals.

Goal Orientated Network Cabling Installation

Using advanced technology, our experienced experts will help you meet your long-term business goals with improved network systems that fall well within budget. It is our aim to have your business headed in the right direction towards the technical advances that serve your needs.

Why Choose Motherboard IT Support?

It’s a good question! Our existing clients already know why we’re the right choice – Motherboard IT Support  provides the best network cabling installation Dublin has to offer. Our full range of network cabling solutions enhance your entire network’s functionality and efficiency.

So, whether you need a new set up or require additional network points, our engineers can get the job done, here’s what you can expect from Motherboard.

Full review of the current network system, assessing the best cabling options to suit your business needs.

Trained technicians who will install and update cabling, while giving remote and onsite support.

IT support for all other aspects of your organisation - we see the full picture with each client.

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