Migrating from On-Premise to Cloud

Make Your Office 365 Migration Quick, Seamless and Secure with Motherboard IT Support!

Migrating your business to the cloud can be very stressful, it’s like the digital version of moving house. If you need a migrating to cloud support team, you’re in the right place.

With cloud computing opening new doors of innovation for businesses, more and more companies are switching to Office 365. Not only does it enhance collaboration and productivity but also offers cloud-based communication to your employees.

But migrating to cloud from your current setup can be overwhelming, especially as you try to navigate new platforms. In the absence of professional IT support, your team can be left out of the loop as they use new systems without assistance – no one wants that. Even worse, without professional help, it is almost impossible to ensure your data is secure during the migration. 

So, when it comes to the changeover, consider Motherboard IT your migrating to cloud support specialists. Based in Dublin, our experienced experts can help your business create a road map for seamlessly moving to the cloud.

Once we have discussed our recommendation on which type of Microsoft Office365 is right for your business, we will kick-start the setup. You can rest assured that your migration is in safe hands with us.

Set-Up and Implementation

Motherboard IT Support offers the installation and implementation of Office 365 at once-off cost. Our migration service includes carrying out the email setup, configuration and migration.

Post-Migration Support

Motherboard’s migration services are comprehensive . Once we have provided setup and migration services, our service doesn’t end there. Our post-migration support will ensure your cloud migration is optimised, along with consistent guidance for your team.

Expert Staff

Our qualified technicians will migrate your existing emails to the cloud without disrupting your email traffic. We will ensure that your existing emails are still available to you after migrating to cloud-based Outlook accounts.

Guaranteed Solutions

After discussing your IT needs and challenges, Motherboard IT Support will provide you with personalised support to manage your deployment complexity and help your active users get the most from cloud computing.

Why Choose us For Migrating to Cloud Support?

Migrating to cloud doesn’t have to be the headache it was in the past. We’re here to make it easy for your business to migrate it’s setup. At Motherboard IT, we’re proud to provide the best migrating to cloud support Dublin has to offer.

Here’s why we’re the right choice.

We create a migration road map suited to your business needs.

Extensive experience in setting up and managing Microsoft package solutions.

Our post migration support ensures you’re fully covered from potential data and security issues.

You're safe in the hands of Motherboard.

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