Microsoft Office 365 Business is a smart solution for your business operations, from data management systems to email hosting and employees’ task progress reports to control your cybersecurity. The Microsoft 365 Subscription provides you the best services, cost effective, and can be customized as per your requirements. The Microsoft services are trustworthy and easily accessible for every size and any nature of the business industry.

An Overview

In this digitalization world, businesses have become globalized; through internet access, there is no corner of the world where you cannot expand your business empire. Of course, the internet has provided you opportunities, but similarly, it has created some challenges too. The most significant challenge is that it has difficulty managing the workloads aroused with expansions and everyday business operations. Database management, employee coordination, task management, cybersecurity, customer reports, etc., are some of the challenges raised with it. To deal with such challenges, every business organization requires tools and applications for smooth everyday business operations.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business is a smart solution to such hurdles. From email hosting to the employee progress report and from task allocation to cybersecurity, you will find these all features with Microsoft 365 for Business.

What is Microsoft Office 365 for Business?

Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction to you. Worldwide, Microsoft is a brand in the Information and Technology industry. Microsoft has contributed a lot with the world-class software, hardware, email services; the business organization itself is a big giant in the computer world.

For understanding the role of Microsoft 365 in your business operations, we have a perfect example for you. Suppose you are a student writing your class assignment. What will you require to compose your project? The answer is simple, MS Word for writing your work and MS PowerPoint for your classroom presentation. As a student, you will need these tools. When it comes to a business organization, you require designing templates, device handlings, database management, email services, record maintenance, cybersecurity, calendaring, meeting arrangements, storage services, etc.

Are you considering implementing Microsoft 365 in your business? If so, now’s the time to freshen up on your Microsoft 365 knowledge before finalizing your decision.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business main features

Easy Access Anywhere

The easy access that comes with Office 365 integration helps boost employee productivity. It allows your employees to work, share, innovate, and get things done faster from anywhere and at any time they want.

Bring Agility to Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 allows quick scaling up or down as per your business needs. It can help your business communicate and collaborate together by adjusting to the number of licenses your business needs.

Better Communication

Want to enhance communication within your organization? Office 365 can do just that with tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Office Video, Exchange Online, Office Groups, OneDrive for Business and more.

Cost Effective

With enhanced functions of Office 365 available at a fixed rate, you can have better control over software expenses. And that’s not it! You can also save on upgrades as Microsoft will take care of the upgrades and new functionalities.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business Subscriptions

Microsoft services are suitable for all types of business industries, and most importantly, they are the most trustworthy.

There are a wide variety of subscription plans while buying a Microsoft Office 365, but we will take a look at a few of the most common ones that our customers use: Microsoft Business Basics, Microsoft Business Standard, and Microsoft Business Premium. Let’s have a look as follows:

Microsoft 365 Business Basics:

It provides you services like:

  • Secure data storage in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Chat, call, meet up to 300 attendees
  • Web and mobile versions of Office apps
  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Business-class email
  • Standard security
  • Anytime phone and web support

Microsoft 365 Business Standard:

It provides you with:

  • Secure data storage in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Everything in Business Basic, plus:
  • Desktop versions of Office apps with premium features
  • Easily host webinars
  • Attendee registration and reporting tools
  • Manage customer appointments

Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

  • Secure data storage in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Everything in Business Standard, plus:
  • Advanced security
  • Access and data control
  • Cyberthreat protection

Choose the perfect match for you                                           

There are several different Office 365 Business plans available with different programs and features. Not everyone in your company is going to need the exact same thing. You can mix and match plans, so you don’t have to pay for more than you need. It’s easy to switch between plans, too, if you find that an employee needs more or less than what they have now. We can help you choose the best one for your company.