Managed Cloud Service

Pave a Path towards Growth with a Dynamic, Adaptable ITInfrastructure

Our data protection experts give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your valuable data is always safe and secure!

Take a look up most days in Dublin and your bound to see a cloud or two! Similairly, managed cloud services have become an integral part of every organisation looking to increase their operational capacities. Creating and maintaining a solid IT infrastructure can make the difference in keeping your business competitive! 

Motherboard IT support wants to help your organisation scales it operations, by optimising your existing cloud applications. If your cloud infrastructure is an outdatedno problem, we’ll develop a strategy to help you migrate to a new platform seemlessly

What we offer a payperuse pricing model. Our managed cloud services can be placed overpublic cloud applications, reducing the chance of potential hiccups when updating your systems.

We seek to cover every base when it comes cloud services in Dublin, so we can also provide hybrid cloud solutions if thats the best option for you. Of course, our team of specialists assess your requirements first. Autonomy over your data and IT infrastructure as a whole, is the gift we want to give to you!

Cloud Security

We take care of compliance and security risks while optimising your cloud systems, making data storage and management simple for you. We keep your cloud applications safe and protected from cyberattacks.

24/7 Business Continuity

Microsoft Azure helps develop, integrate and manage cloud applications. Naturally, our team of experts specialise in both Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. We’ll have you up and running on the platforms in no time, giving you ownership of your data.

Microsoft Office 365

This very common software has become a complete game changer for organisations throughout theglobe. It allows teams to collaborate with ease over cloud services.

Cloud Data Backup & Recovery

Whether your organisation is fully cloud-based or working with a hybrid system, proper data backup and recovery processes are put in place so you can trust your data is safe and accessible.

Why Choose us for Cloud Services?

We’ll start with a deep dive into your existing network infrastructure. From there, our team will figure out the most effective data solution for your organisation. You can trust your in safe hands with us !Heres a few reasons why.

We offer the best managed cloud services Dublin has to offer, from a team of seasoned IT experts. We can integrate old cloud applications if necessary, creating a hybrid or completely new cloud infrastructure.

Our data protection experts will work with you to identify your backup, recovery, and archiving needs.

We will then design and implement a customized data protection program to protect your data across all endpoints.

We'll bring you on board with most modern and easy to use cloud packages from Microsoft.

We make sure your data is protected and accesible - this is a priority in the modern world of cyberattacks.

We'll create a fullproof data backup and recovery process - meaning you'll sleep a little easier at night!

Motherboard IT Support guarantees seamless migration, monitoring and management solutions for your cloud needs.

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