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Motherboard IT Support offers first-line IT assistance for your employees!

IT support is a fairly wide-ranging topic. It’s an important one too. We pride ourselves on offering the kind of services that will expand your business and help you grow towards a bright future.

Based in Dublin, we offer support with a difference. There is no limit on the number of phone calls, emails, or requests you submit to our IT professionals. Standard IT maintenance can be unpredictable and costly at the best of times. With us, your business does not have to budget for repairs and updates daily.

Motherboard IT support comes at an affordable monthly cost for fully managed IT support with minimum to no downtime. We’re there for you when you need us, because we understand that being in business is a full time occupation.

We are diligent with our communication speed to respond to your IT needs. Our friendly and approachable staff offer solutions and advice that is easy to understand and follow. We speak frankly, removing the technical jargon that can confuse people. Your staff will become more knowledgeable, because our IT services team will help educate them.

We offer proactive and affordable remote IT Services to all types of businesses. Our fully managed IT solutions can help you streamline your technology processes, improve productivity and simplify technology management. We will take care of IT maintenance and management’s time-consuming tasks so that you can focus your resources and expertise in taking your business to the next level.

Managed Services

Here’s some of the services you can expect from us: Site Inspection.PC Support .Network Monitoring and Support. Server Monitoring and Support .Technology Advisory Services. A Fully Inclusive Service .Emergency Onsite Support .Remote Support

Cyber Security

Unfortunately, new cyber threats are emerging everyday as hackers develop new ways to try and infiltrate your network. Fortunately for you, we’re fully prepared! We provide the following: ESET Anti-virus Solution. Disk Encrypt IT. Anti-Spam Email Security. Web Secure IT. Cisco Perimeter Protection Firewall. Safend Data Protection. Security Awareness Training. Back-up and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud Services

A cloud support system is a must for any business worth their salt. We can integrate legacy systems or create a completely new  setup with our migration to cloud services. We offer: Microsoft Office 365 Plans. Microsoft Office 365 Management. Microsoft Office 365 Setup and Migration. Microsoft 365 Back-ups and Recovery. Cloud Back-up Solutions. Cloud and Onsite Disaster Solutions

IT Equipment

We provide the software and the long lasting hardware that you can count on. From leasing computer equipment to printing services – we’ve got you covered. We offer:. Hardware Solutions – Computer Equipment. Printing Solutions. Wireless Networking. Patch Panel re-cabling. VOIP and Telecom Solutions. Office Relocation Services. Hardware, software and other leasing services

Why Choose us For IT Services?

If we haven’t convinced you already, we’re surprised! Motherboard IT Support Dublin can help your business align technology with your strategic goals. As your business grows, so will your need for managed IT services grows. Partnering with Motherboard can allow you to ensure flexibility and scalability to meet your unique IT needs.

We’re here for you! Here’s why to get with Motherboard.

Over two decades of experience in the IT support sphere, excerpts with expert knowledge at your fingertips.

State of the art cyber security software/hardware installation and maintenance, safe and sound.

We review your current IT infrastructure, creating a plan for your future, seamlessly integrating new technology with no workforce downtime.

Fully outsourced IT services, but we show up onsite if and when we're needed.

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