IT Equipment Solutions

Business IT Equipment & Solutions Delivered with IT Infrastructure Expertise

When it comes to technology, hardware and software can be confusing at the best of times. Thankfully, our Dublin based team can offer you simple IT equipment solutions and computer installation services!!

Let’s face it, within a couple of years, your IT equipment will be considered outdated and fall under the legacy category. Everything changes but it seems like technology changes almost daily. We rely on technology for optimisation, automation, machine learning, and connectivity tasks.

This is why upgrading IT equipment across all landscapes has become crucial. Without the right systems and software, your IT infrastructure will face operational and productivity issues. Increased lag times, increased cybersecurity threats, and vulnerable endpoints across ports and devices will put your entire organisation’s productivity at risk.

Motherboard IT Support Dublin can provide you with the right technology and relevant advice for your business. Our IT equipment solutions are made accessible to you through our partnerships with leading manufacturers. Our team’s expertise in hardware and software and over two decades of hands-on experience using, updating, and swapping IT equipment are pivotal in sourcing the right technology for our clients. This expertise allows us to make sure you never lose another day of productivity!

Comms Room/Patch Panel Recabling

We ascertain CAT6 compliance with communication room patch panel re-cabling services that include reorganisation and patch lead upgrades for better control and management.

VoIP & Telecom Solutions

At Motherboard IT Support, you can access advanced IP telephony features and build an effective communication channel for your organisation.


We provide the hardware and installation support you need under one roof, from installing WiFi units to a full range of cabling solutions for network functionality and speed.

Office Relocation Services

Secure network, server, workstation, and printer moves to email and website transfers, we allow our clients to regain complete control of the IT system without the extra hassle.

Why Choose us for IT Equipment Solutions?

Motherboard IT offer some of the best computer installation and IT equipment solutions Dublin has to offer. We want to give you the best software and hardware products suited to your business needs, while  keeping your budget in mind.

Motherboard IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dell Business Partner and HP Business Partner. From Servers, PC’s to Printers and all associated peripherals.

Here’s why to choose us.

Depending on your budgetary constraints, Motherboard IT Support allows you to lease critical hardware without affecting your cash flow.

For your printing needs, Motherboard IT Support provides a selection of high-performing copy and printing solutions from leading manufacturers.

Computer equipment and computer installation. Workstations, notebooks, servers, cables, hard drives, switches, wireless routers and a wide range of other hardware solutions .

24/7 coverage for our team of professionals, we put the right systems in place and maintain them so you can do what you do best.

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