Outsourced IT Support for Dublin

Our Technical Help Desk Ensures Continuous, Remote IT Support for Your Organisation

For a business to run efficiently, it needs robust technical support. The right IT support setup is a vital ingredient for keeping productivity levels high and customers happy.

Your IT infrastructure requires some upkeep. Think about all the technical parts of your business – the hardware, the software, the cloud-based applications you use to remain fully functional. Each plays a small but pivotal part in the scheme of things.

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT Support delivers expert support and advice through an affordable outsourced IT support plan. Our remote IT support or telephone support, will help you find a solution to issues as they arise. We’re always there, a few clicks or a phone call away.

Our help desk system “Monitor IT” allows us to keep a close eye on your systems and provide help even before you call for it. That’s how an effective remote IT support team operates.  You can continue performing your daily tasks as needed without compromising your operations’ efficiency and productivity, especially your IT department.

Peace of Mind

The Motherboard IT Support team responsible for answering our queries and guiding you through IT issues are driven by excellence and expertise. Our years of industry experience cover networking, operating systems, hardware, cloud technology, cybersecurity, databases, and much, much more.

Problem Solvers

Our engineers intervene remotely, making sure you get the help you require. No matter how often you need to call us or for how long, we ensure low maintenance costs, more uptime, and stable systems.

Stay Connected

Our communication channels are open for you to call in or log a support call through our support system portal when you require our assistance. Whenever a problem arises, give us a call, and our services will be there to keep your IT systems fully functional.

The Extra Mile

Please note that while our remote-only IT support can handle a wide range of IT needs, you may require onsite services. If you require assistance and want to call out our technicians, there will be an extra charge for this service based on the duration and the type of service you require.

Why Choose Us For Outsourced IT Support?

You have IT problems – we have IT answers. We know a thing or two about keeping your systems running smoothly. Motherboard IT is happy to give you the best remote IT support Dublin has to offer. Here’s why.

We use the latest software, always updating to keep up with technical advantages.

Our staff are experienced professionals with years of tech knowledge under their belts.

If we can't solve the problem remotely, put the kettle on - we'll be right there.

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