Does Office 365 Back Up Your Data

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Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s most compelling creations in the cloud and digital sphere. We leverage this cutting edge technology to keep your systems running smoothly.

Office 365 allows organisations to improve their connectivity, reduce up-front operational costs, future-proofing  their IT and network infrastructure. It is a must have for any business who want to stay on top of software developments that can help make office life a whole lot easier.

The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform holds numerous features such as One-Drive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online, including email, calendars, and tasks. Microsoft has cleverly integrated core system protection and recovery options for the data you upload or wish to share on the platform

From our headquarters in Dublin, Motherboard IT wants to remove as much hassle as possible from the day to day running of your organisation. A solid Office365 support team can help do this for you. 

Data saved on your organisation’s Office 365 applications is similar to backing up the data on your computer in another folder on the same PC. It can be very vulnerable to permanent data loss – that’s where we come in.

Data Backup on Office 365

Unfortunately, Office 365 does not back up your data. Your company won’t have the standard 3 copies of your data saved in 2 locations, with 1 being off-site. Our team makes sure your data is backed up and reachable.

Managed IT 0ffice 365 Support

We put in a place a robust data backup strategy that goes beyond Microsoft’s native recovery options. We consider cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions that keep your data easily accessible and completely safe.

Data Loss Causes on Office 365

While the risk is relatively low, there are a few instances when data may be lost through Office 365: accidental deleting of a file, security breaches caused by malware, short retention times for recovery(30 days after deleting a file).

Why Choose us For Office365 Support?

For one thing, we are experts in all things IT support related. We make sure that your data is easy to store, locate, manage and restore. Our backup data solutions are practical and designed for scalability. 

Motherboard IT support wants to provide you with the best Office365 Support Dublin has to offer.

Here’s a few reasons to choose us.

Knowledgeable team of expert IT staff ready to answer your queries

Full backup of all your data, easy data access and management.

Data restoration practices that make sure no piece of information slips through the cracks.

Full compliance with all data regulations set by governing bodies.

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