Cyber threats are a kind of problem that no business is immune to. And it is not just big corporations that have to deal with it; small businesses are also significant targets. While most owners want to have cybersecurity for their business, many aren’t sure how.

If you find yourself one of them, know that getting the basics right is the key. Learning about cybersecurity for small businesses does not mean you need to reconfigure your business’s IT network. You don’t need to have multiple pieces of software for complete protection either. All you need is a quick guide on how your business can prevent being a cyberattack victim.

Here are some cybersecurity basics that you need to remember, especially when picking a small business cybersecurity plan!

Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Business

One of the biggest threats to your business is the one that comes from a cyber-attack. Not only does it pose a financial risk from the theft of banking information, but it also compromises your business reputation.

Suppose if a hacker gains access to your network, they can find sensitive information like:

  • Confidential client information
  • Your business’s banking details
  • Product designs
  • Business strategic plans
  • Your pricing structure
  • Premise security Details

A hacker might also use this information as a stepping stone for getting access to you and your business partners’ networks. A hacked network can potentially make your business a liability for your customers and supply chain partners.

2 Important Cybersecurity Tips

Being a small business owner, it might feel that you can’t do much against cyber-attacks. However, that’s not true. Here’s what you can do to protect your company against security breach!

Train Employees

When it comes to establishing basic cybersecurity practices, it all starts with employee training. Policies such as using strong passwords, enforcing appropriate internet use guidelines, and data backup can go a long way.

Update and Maintain Networks

Another tip here is to keep machines, browsers, OS, and security software up-to-date to protect your systems against malicious software, viruses, and other cyber risks. Make sure you keep track of software updates and install them regularly.


For most businesses, be it a medium or a small business, cybersecurity is often out of their knowledge area. With so many things to take care of, the constant threat of cyber-attacks can keep you from reaching your maximum potential.

Whether you are dealing with a virus threat or having trouble backing up your files, all you need is a solution that offers uninterrupted cybersecurity for your small business. And Motherboard IT Support can help fill that gap.

We can put a suitable small business cybersecurity plan in place to protect you against all cyber threats and potential breaches.