Cyber Security Solutions

Setting Up Strong Lines of Defence with Scalable Cyber Security Measures Customised for Your IT Infrastructure.

Our expert team covers all touchpoints within your IT and network infrastructure. Offering full coverage – from antivirus and firewalls to complete threat response platforms and patching.

We’ve seen massive advances in cloud technologies, artificial learning, business intelligence and remote servers. These advances have heralded improved and faster ways to do business -particularly improving IT infrastructures performance and connectivity. But from a cybersecurity standpoint, what does this mean? It means more potential for hackers and cybercriminals to cause detrimental harm!

Unfortunately, vulnerable access points open up networks to cyber attacks. Hackers deploy sophisticated methods such as phishing, spam, trojans and other cyber threats that businesses need to be aware of.

That’s where we come to the rescue! Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT uses comprehensive cybersecurity services that tackle all major and minor security threats. Whether your IT infrastructure is ancient or state of the art – we put stringent cybersecurity initiatives in place that protect your data and critical assets.

We take a good look at your organisation’s cyber security needs, taking on the responsibility of keeping you compliant with industry and contractual obligations. We develop a sound cyber security strategy, tailoring the package to you existing software and hardware applications. We seamlessly update and patch applications as new updates become available.

ESET Antivirus

Motherboard IT Support is an authorised ESET Partner that offers clients the best-in-class antivirus solution. Despite a small footprint, the software automatically detects and disables a wide range of internet threats.

WebSecure IT

Connecting unprotected devices to company networks is risky. WebSecure IT aligns itself with your internet access policies, filtering URLs to identify and block potential cyber threats and unapproved websites in real-time.

Encrypt IT & Cleanse IT

Encrypt IT is an easy-to-use encryption tool you can integrate into your IT infrastructure to ensure your data’s safety and privacy. Cleanse IT takes care of contaminated spam emails that can appear legitimate by building anti-spam defences lines that protect your inbox.

Cisco Perimeter Protection Firewall

We specialise in Cisco’s Firewall range, integrating multiple applications into your IT infrastructure, facilitating secure and seamless access over Virtual Private Networks.

Why Choose Us for Cyber Security?

Motherboard IT boasts somes of the best cyber security Dublin has to offer. Our breadth of services and extensive experience will protect your IT infrastructure today, but they will also allow your systems to adapt  as technology and cyber risks evolve. 

Here’s why to choose us.

ProtectIT powered by Safend data protection suite, utilising granular Wi-Fi control, endpoint security, comprehensive data encryption, and port and device protection and control

Full review of your existing networks to assess vulnerability to cyber attacks.

MonitorIT - Constant monitoring of systems, updating software and hardware patches as technology makes advances.

Use of state of the art antivirus systems, data protection technology and firewalls

Ready to strengthen your security landscape?

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