Comms Room/ Patch Panel Recabling

Effective, Structured Patch Panel Installation for Your Communications Rooms

In the quest for productivity, agility and improved security measures, organisations need to stay on top of the trends that can change the way they do business – we want to help with that.

Perhaps one of the biggest tech changes we have seen in recent years, has been the change from cumbersome, heavy personal computers , to laptop and mobile devices. Computer equipment is getting smaller, but standardised cabling systems are still required to sustain your networks.

Based in Dublin, Motherboard IT support provides a full range of structured cabling solutions, patch panel installations services and comms room patch panel installations. Our cabling installations are aligned with CAT6( the industry standard, backwards compatible cable type) requirements for your entire network.

Whether you want cabling solutions for cross-campus applications or the comms room in your office building, our patch panel installation and re-cabling solutions work with your floor plan, effortlessly integrating into your setup.

Using the CAT6 cabling design, our technicians with patch panels and structured cables of varying configurations and sizes, help maximise your network’s productivity while meeting proprietary needs. No need to get your wires crossed!

Structured Cabling Solutions

Our patch panel installation and re-cabling services include a well-structured, meticulously designed cabling plan.  Whether you use category 5e or category 6 patch panels, we’ve got you covered.

Structured Re-Cabling Support

With more switches, routers, and other devices being added and removed, the communications cabinet or room in your company quickly becomes cluttered. We nip potential problems in the bud, meticulously removing and re-cabling patch panels carefully.

Cabling Experts

Utilising specialised equipment and our technicians’ expert skills, we install, test, terminate and re-organise patch panel cables. Our professional cablers follow a rigorous process that considers various factors impacting your current and future needs.

Constant Monitoring

If you don’t have an in-house IT team responsible for maintaining order, endless streams of wires can get quickly out of hand. We monitor your company’s IT systems carefully, making sure growth and replacement of cabling networks goes smoothly.

Why Choose us For Patch Panel Installation and Recabling?

A good cabling network is something most businesses take for granted. Don’t make the mistake of risking hours of downtime, as well as profit losses and in some cases, customer losses.

Motherboard IT Support can give your business the best comms room patch panel installation Dublin has to offer.

Here’s why you should work with us.

Fully compliant with CAT6, the industry standard, backwards compatible with older cable types.

Our team of cabling experts give a full assessment of your current network setup.

Highlight what cabling solutions will work best for you and how they can be integrated seamlessly.

Round the clock IT support from our team , we aim to solve your problems fast.

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