Cisco Perimeter Firewall Solutions

Establishing a Strong Firewall Protective Layer Around Your IT Infrastructure

Like the Great Wall of China, an effective firewall setup can provide a strong and long lasting defence against unwanted intruders. Our firewall configuration process is seamless and fullproof.

Many businesses, educational institutes, Fintech companies and healthcare facilities are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks  than the average internet user. Other businesses that rely on sensitive customer information such as credit card details, social security numbers and medical records, face similar threats. They need the right kind of protection.

Without proper protection and a robust security framework, these businesses risk losing critical information. More importantly, they risk losing the trust of their customers. Legal repercussions caused by non-compliance along with  lawsuits from clients, vendors, partners, and customers can grow into newsworthy affairs. 

No one wants that and we don’t want that for you. Motherboard IT Support Dublin  have developed comprehensive  Cisco Perimeter Firewall Solutions to solve these problems. These cover both software and hardware elements of your IT infrastructure, keeping cyber and other security risks at bay.

Comprehensive Firewall Installation

Instead of a primary router and novice firewall setups, our solutions are designed to protect your entire organisation. While next-generation firewalls enable application control, they are not as stringent for threat defence.

Extensive Protection

We use the latest technology from Cisco to set up a secure hardware and software perimeter. We layer that with the Cisco Firewall range to allow seamless network and internet access along with data services that keep your organisation compliant with regulations.

Real Security Alternatives

As part of your firewall configuration , we offer practical alternatives against basic and sophisticated malware and security threats. By assessing your needs and evaluating your IT  network infrastructure, we develop a unified, comprehensive firewall setup.

Effective Results

The combination of Cisco’s most effective firewall solutions stops worms, viruses, spam, phishing campaigns, and other application-layer threats and exploits from reaching your internal networks. We keep you safe and sound.

Why Choose us For Firewall Installation?

We’re dedicated to providing you with an airtight security service. Motherboard IT support is proud to give you the best firewall setup Dublin has to offer.We know how vital it is for a business to have the right systems in place – protection today and tomorrow. 

Here’s why we’re the right choice.

Firewall configuration made affordable and stress-free.

The latest approved technology from security leader Cisco.

Full assessment and review of your security setup from our talented staff.

We're only ever one phone call away - fast, reliable firewall solutions.

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