Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

A secure and robust solution designed specifically to protect your business.

Our data protection experts give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your valuable data is always safe and secure!

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for data protection? We provide fully managed services that offer both backup and disaster recovery in one all-inclusive plan. We will backup, restore, test, report, and assist with every aspect of your BDR plan. So whenever you want to recover a file or access an application, our fully managed support will help you navigate.

Disasters and accidents are unpredictable by default. And an unplanned event or even a costly mistake can happen anytime to anyone. But one that threatens the security of your business has to be dealt with promptly and efficiently.

At Motherboard Ltd., we understand the grave outcomes of IT system malfunctions for businesses of any size. Therefore, we offer Backup and Disaster Recovery service to help secure your data, maintain optimal security of sensitive information, and ensure immediate recovery in the event of a disaster.

Our trained and experienced staff ensures that your systems are always up and running 24/7. With Motherboard’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service and constant support, you can rest easy that your data is secure, backed up and readily available.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions by Motherboard

Motherboard offers a wide range of backup and recovery solutions to equip your business with the kind of protection that meet your needs.

24/7 Business Continuity

Business continuity is at the top of our service objectives so that you never have to worry about the cost of data loss. Our BDR solutions equip businesses to effectively restore and recover data in the event of unexpected circumstances, without interrupting routine business operations.

Data Encryption

We will encrypt all your data in-flight so that there will be no need of VPN and the compression ratios will remain unaffected.

Training and Support

Our BDR services also include consistent training and support for your disaster recovery needs to ensure your business stays on top of its operations during a crisis.

Why Choose Us for Your Data Backup?

At Motherboard we know that you cannot predict the future, so we can help you plan for it. Here are some reasons why you should choose us!

Our data protection experts will work with you to identify your backup, recovery, and archiving needs.

We will then design and implement a customized data protection program to protect your data across all endpoints.

Data encryption capabilities to secure your data both in-flight and at-rest

Qualified and experienced experts in designing data protection solutions to suit your unique business needs

Fully managed backup solutions to keep all your data secure and accessible at all times.

A robust data protection plan with implementation, management, monitoring, support, and recovery services

Certified European data centres so you don't have to worry where your data will end up.

Get in Touch with our Disaster Recovery Expert and Learn How We can Secure Your Network and Protect Your Business