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    Motherboard understands   that business managers don’t want to   know how their IT systems work


    On site call out,

    Quick, Friendly, Experienced.

    Managed IT

    Motherboard takes a proactive approach to managing your business-critical IT infrastructure. We ensure that the foundations are solid before going any further. Following an initial no-obligation consultation, we will advise you if there are any critical issues that need to be resolved or equipment that needs to be replaced. We will let you know exactly what needs to be done and why, and how much it will cost.
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    Data Recovery

    At Motherboard we take the mystery out of data recovery. We will carry out a free of charge diagnostic on the disk or storage device in question. Once this has been completed we can advise on the next course of action. That will normally be to start our data recovery service and will lead to you getting your missing files or missing data back again.
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    Data Security

    Motherboard regards the protection of your company’s data as paramount and looks at the whole range of measures that should be taken – particularly locking down access to your network with a secure firewall, ensuring that you have protection with a best-in-class antivirus solution and ensuring that for any devices that are used outside a secure environment that you have a full encryption package in place.
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    Our Team


    Ivan Scott
    Managing Director


    Eoin Scott
    Commercial Director


    Jesse Cunningham
    Service Engineer

    Eamonn Tolan

    Eamonn Tolan
    Service Engineer

    Konstantin Pulman

    Konstantin Pulman
    Service Engineer

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